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        Hubei Tengyu Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.



        About us

        About us

        Hubei Tengyu Electromechanical Engineering

               Hubei Tengyu Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production of industrial boilers and power station boiler auxiliaries. The company specializes in the design and development, production and service overhaul and accessories supply of various types of boiler soot blower, valve piping system and program control device, ash and slag system and pulverizing system.


               The company has many years of production and service expericen of boiler auxiliaries, and has always attached importance to the construction of quality management system. The company has passed the system certification of China New Era Quality Certification Center. The company pays attention to continuous improvement, with the aim of exceeding customers' expectations, taking pollution prevention and benefiting mankind as its own responsibility, constantly improving the system construction. Under the strict and perfect system control, the production of products is based on high-tech and mechatronics equipment, and the key parts are made of high quality steel. The company introduced and developed a unique processing and manufacturing process, to achieve the soot blower inside and outside the gun barrel gas protection automatic welding; Valve sealing face surfacing cobalt tungsten; The improvement of long gun tube welding before and after welding and special welding process of special materials, heat treatment of important parts and ultrasonic flaw detection process has increased the working efficiency of soot blower by 20% and extended its service life by more than 30%. The company uses special software for product design and parameter calculation, realing optimization design of product parameter, so as to achieve the most ideal soot blowing effect with the least steam consumption, to ensure long-term, safe, economic and reliable operation of the boiler. The products are widely used in thermal power, iron and steel, refining, paper making, waste treatment, vulcanized bed boiler and other waste heat boilers.


               The company has advanced machining center, parts cutting center, advanced MIG welding machine and TIG welding machine, controllable gas ion carbonitroizing heat treatment furnace, gun barrel welding before and after heat treatment, X-ray flaw detection, valve water pressure test, material physical and chemical analysis and other precision testing equipment.


               The company has more than 10,000 square meters of production space, a total of 189 employees, including 15 professional management, engineering and technical personnel, more than 100 production and service personnel. The company's products are widely used in thermal power, iron and steel, refining, paper making, waste treatment, vulcanized bed boilers and other waste heat boilers.


               With the tenet of "everything starts from customers and provides first-class products and services at any time", in addition to providing high-quality environmental products, the company promises to provide users with 24-hour on-site maintenance services. The company has a perfect after-sales service system and in central China, north China, southwest, northwest and other areas with a number of professional maintenance outlets, to ensure the normal use of the equipment users.


               We warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company to negotiate business and guide our work.



        Hubei Tengyu Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.

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        The company was founded in
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        Production site of the company
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        Total number of employees
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